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Contact us: PoolMonkey -at- btcZPool -dot- com
Terms of Use
This is our terms of use and limitation of liability. We do our best to run the fastest and fairest pool of them all. But, we cannot control everything and running a mining pool is risky and difficult. Accordingly, we want to be clear to all users that these risks exist, and that becuase of those risks we have a clear terms of use and limitation of liability.

By using the (the "Pool") you agree to accept all risks arising out of or relating to using the Pool, cryptocurrency, the Internet, and risky and experimental software. You agree that that the owner(s) and/or operator(s) of the Pool (the "Pool Affiliates") shall have no liability to you or any party or entity relating to you for any loss and/or damages of any kind that you incur while using the Pool, including lost fees, lost profits, lost BTCZ, damage to computer equipment or software, or any other damage and/or loss whatsoever that arises out of or relates to your use of the Pool.

In the event that you are successful in a claim against the Pool and/or the Pool Affiliates for damages you agree that the maximum liability the Pool and/or the Pool Affiliates have to you is 0.00000001 BTCZ regardless of the amount of the actual losses arising out of or relating to the Pool and/or the Pool Affiliates.
Live Pool Details
122 Workers
133.46 KSol/s
Bitcoinz Pool Stats
89 Miners
122 Workers
133.46 KSol/s (Now)
... (Avg)
Luck 0.065 Days
Bitcoinz Network Stats
Block Height: 53430
Network Hash: 3.92 MSol/s
Difficulty: 75857.88
Node Connections: 99