---->Maintenance Notes<----
---->Maintenance Notes<----
The Difference
  • Minimum Payout Threshold 100 BTCZ
  • Pool Fee: Low 1%
  • Payouts Instantly Upon Maturity
  • Straight PPLNT Payout Rounds
  • High Speed SSD Servers
  • Lowest Latency Available
  • Fast Stats
  • Simple Mining Setup
We created btcZPool to be the fastest and lowest latency BitcoinZ pool available. No payout fees, fair proportional rounds, and fast payouts. Try our pool for a few days. You will be impressed.
The Pools We Operate
The Fastest ZenCash Pool
The Fastest BitCoinZ Pool

Most other pools aggregate many different coin mining daemons and front ends on one server, which causes performance to suffer and blockchain latency, which costs you money by missing blocks.

Each of our pools is an independent system designed to maximize the performance of each pool. Because our pools are separate and isolated our pools are blazing fast and our miners get the fastest performance and lowest latency possible.
Pool Historical Hashrate
Bitcoinz Pool Stats
186 Miners
313 Workers
398.93 KSol/s (Now)
... (Avg)
Luck 0.061 Days
Bitcoinz Network Stats
Block Height: 95755
Network Hash: 10.98 MSol/s
Difficulty: 235185.58
Node Connections: 52
BitcoinZ on YouTube
BitcoinZ was officially launched by an anonymous developer on September 9th, 2017 at Block #1. They deemed BitcoinZ a community gift to the world, emphasizing that it is, and will continue, as a community creation. Within four weeks of launch, the block height broke 15,000 and had a network hash of 4-5MSol/s.

The rapid growth of BitcoinZ has been astounding.

BTCZ Transaction Speed Demonstration
Incredible Speed
BitcoinZ Overview
A Modern Community-Driven Coin with the Spirit of Bitcoin